Engineering Skills for Career Success, First Edition, with James Watson, McGraw-Hill, February, 2013. This textbook is meant to be used as part of a freshman engineering experience and deals with such topics as how to get the most out of your education, how to earn outstanding grades with less effort and more fun, how to become actively involved with the educational process, how to take advantage of out of the classroom opportunities to enhance your education, and how to make your undergraduate educational experiences part of your career path. In addition, it gives the students several exercises to maximize the development of the engineering skills identified in the ABET 2000 criteria. The book has a strong systems approach emphasis as well as a fundamental understanding of project management.

Basic Circuit Analysis, First Edition, with Dr. Matthew Sadiku and Dr. Sarhan Musa, McGraw-Hill, 2011.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Fifth Edition, with Dr. Matthew Sadiku, McGraw-Hill, 2011. This textbook continues to be one of the most popular circuits textbooks in the world having been translated into more that ten different languages.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Fourth Edition, with Dr. Matthew Sadiku, McGraw-Hill, 2009.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Third Edition, with Dr. Matthew Sadiku, McGraw-Hill, 2009.

Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, Fifth Edition, with Donald Christiansen, McGraw-Hill, 2005.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Second Edition, with Dr. Matthew Sadiku, McGraw-Hill, January 2003.

Problem Solving Made Almost Easy, with Dr. Matthew Sadiku, McGraw-Hill, March 2000.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, First Edition, with Dr. Matthew Sadiku, McGraw-Hill, July 1999.


IEEE Transactions on Education, Editor, 1984-1986


Knowledge Capturing Integrated Design Environment (KCIDE), developed with research funds from NASA and the Department of Energy. This is currently under development and will take a number of years before it is completed.

IEEE Potentials, an IEEE magazine for student members created in the early 1980s by Jon McDearman and me. The main focus of the magazine is to enhance the student members' academic development as well as their professional development.

ProSkills, an expansion of WRITETALK (occurred in 2002) to include educational modules for the instruction, development, and enhancement of the necessary skills identified in ABET EC 2000, elements of working in a modern knowledge capturing integrated design environment, elements of the systems approach to engineering, and project management.

WRITETALK originally developed in 1983 by James Watson, Wayne Bennett, and Charles Alexander, to teach students how to be better communicators (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). This was done through a series of instructional modules to be given in many of the students' main engineering courses. This was later expanded to include many of the skills identified in ABET's EC 2000.

Laboratory Centric Curricula, while as a graduate student at Ohio University, I helped developed a laboratory centric curriculum for the electrical engineering department. I have used this template at other schools with success.

Instrumentation prepared a twenty-eight lecture-demonstration series on instrumentation and was the principal performer in the videotaping of the series. The series was professionally produced and taped on 2" broadcast quality tapes. Summer, 1972, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, this project was partially funded by An NSF.


A. Books, Professional Writings, Workbooks, Book Chapters:

Alexander, C.K., "Invited Editorial, A Solution to the Crisis in Engineering Education?" reprinted in Student Professional Awareness Conference/Reference Materials, published by the IEEE United States Activities Board, October, 1987, Washington, D.C.

Alexander, C.K., Student Professional Awareness Conference/Reference Materials, Editor, published by the IEEE United States Activities Board, October, 1987, Washington, D.C.

TVPPA Software Standards for Electric Power Distributors, with R.P. Broadwater. A.S. Collins and R.Z. Makki, published by the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, November 1984, 94 pages.

IEEE Student Branch Workbook, published by the Institute of Electronics Engineers, Spring, 1979, with David Bailey.

Co-authored three papers included in Solar Cooling and Heating, Vol. II and III, T.N. Veziroglu, Hemisphere Publishing Corp., Washington, D.C. and London, 1978.

B. Major Software Systems:

Calipsoe I," a complete computer-aided software development system.

"Calipsoe I" is composed of a manual (approximately 70 pages) and four integrated software packages (approximately 5,000 lines of executable code): MODSPEC (development of a data dictionary and module specification sheets), SHELL (generates module shells from MODSPEC), CHART (development of Nassi-Schneiderman charts for each module), CONVERT (generates FORTRAN code from CHART), and MERGE (generates complete program from SHELL and CONVERT). "Calipsoe I" will run on DEC Rainbows and IBM PC's. I supervised the development of "Calipsoe I" (with Jon McDearman, Aaron Collins, Denny Sissom, Bruce Copeland, and James Cercone), January 1986.

C. Editor of the following Conference Proceedings:

Proceedings of the 1980 IEEE Region 2 SAC Conference, April 1980.

Proceedings of the 1979 IEEE Region 2 SAC Conference, April 1979.

Proceedings of the 1978 IEEE Region 2 SAC Conference, April 1978.

D. Presentations:

Over 500 papers and technical presentations made since 1973 in the U.S., Canada, and Europe (includes invited testimony before a joint session of the Senate Commerce and Insular Affairs committees and several TV talk shows, nationwide on the subject of solar energy).

E. Professional Conferences Organized:

Primary responsibility for organizing and running the "1980, 1979, and 1978 IEEE Region 2 SAC Conferences," held in Pittsburgh, PA. Duties included the publication of the Conference Proceedings, April 19, 20, 1980, April 21, 22, 1979, and April 22, 23, 1978.

F. Conference Sessions Chaired

Several sessions, both technical and professional, have been chaired since 1973.