EEC 626 Software Engineering Project

Syllabus (Spring 2009)

Instructor:Yongjian Fu Office: SH 432 Phone: 216-687-5518 Email :
Prerequisites: EEC 521,EEC 623, CIS 634, CIS 635 Credit Hours: 4
Classes : TTh 6:00-7:50pm SH 324 Office Hours: TTh 1:30-3:30


This is a project course. Students will apply software engineering principles, methods, and tools learned in their course work in building realistic software systems. Students work as small teams in solving real world problems. Students will meet regularly in class and teams meet separately.

Suggested Reading:

Course Schedule:

This course consists of a group project and an individual research report.

  1. Students will form small teams and each team works on a project to develop a software product. The instuctor will act as a consultant to the project.
  2. In the first class meeting, the students will form teams. Each team chooses its own project, organization, and tools. In the second class meeting, each team is required to come up with a preliminary project plan. The project plan should describe the project the team has chosen and the management of the project (organization, schedule, communications, roles and assignments, etc).
  3. All projects should be developed iteratively. An iteration is roughly two weeks. At the end of each iteration, the team will deliver a version of the targeted software product. Successive versions with increasing functionality lead to the final version of the software product. A tentative list of iteration end dates is given below.
    End Date
    Feb. 12
    Feb. 26
    Mar. 12
    Apr. 2
    Apr. 16
    Apr. 30
  4. At the end of each iteration , each group will give a short presentation of the project status and a demonstration of the software. The whole class then discuss issues related to the project.
  5. Every week, each team should submit a weekly log, which summarizes activities, participants, and times spent in the past week. The activities include development activities such as analysis, design, coding, testing, documentation, etc, as well as supporting activities such as planning, discussion, setting up environment, preparing for presentation and demostration, etc.
  6. During the last week, each team and each student will meet with the instructor to reflect on the project and the course.

Besides the group project, each student will work on an individual research report. The research report will be on a technical topic related to software engineering agreed upon by the instructor.

  1. To prepare for the report, a student is expected to read 10-15 technical papers related to the selected topic, about one per week.
  2. The initial draft of the report is due on April 9. The final draft is due on May 7.
  3. Each student will give two presentations about their report, one on April 9 and another on May 7.

Deliverables :

At the end of semester, during final exam week, each team should submit the final project deliverables as follows. Each student will submit their research report.


Each student will be graded based on the group project and individual research report.

Course Policies: