EEC 624 Software Testing

Syllabus (Fall 2008)

Instructor:Yongjian Fu Office: SH 432 Phone: 216-687-5518 Email :
Prerequisites: EEC 521 Credit Hours: 4
Classes : TTh 6:00-7:50pm SH 324 Office Hours: MW 3-5pm


This course introduces concepts, methods, and approaches in software testing. The course covers various aspects of software testing, including methods for both black box testing and white box testing and approaches for unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. Special techniques for software testing will also be introduced. In addition, we will discuss issues in software testing planning, management, and automation. The course tries to integrate theory with practice by emphasizing on fundamentals in software testing and their applications. Students will apply the concepts and theory in a course project.

Required Textbook:

Other Materials: Grading:

Course Topics:




8/26 Introduction Ch. 1
8/28 Framework and principals Ch. 2,3
9/2 T&A in a software process Ch. 4
9/4 Planning and monitoring Ch. 20
9/9 Documenting Ch. 24
9/11 Report a bug  
9/16 Finite models Ch. 5
9/18 Data flow and dependence Ch. 6
9/23-9/25 Finite state verification Ch. 8
9/30 Review  
10/2 Midterm exam  
10/7 Functional testing Ch. 10
10/9 Combinatorial testing Ch. 11
10/14-10/16 Structual testing Ch. 12
10/21 Data flow testing Ch. 13
10/23 Model-based testing Ch. 14
10/28-10/30 Testing OO software Ch. 15
11/4 Test execution Ch. 17
11/6 Integration test Ch. 21
11/13-11/18 System, acceptance, regression test Ch. 22
11/20-11/25 Automating test Ch. 23
12/2 Review  
12/4 Final exam  
12/11 Project presentation and demonstration

Note: the schedule and topics are subject to change.

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