EEC 311 Electric Circuits II


Tuesday, January 20, 2009                                    



Catalog Description:     EEC 311 Electric Circuits II (4-0-4)

                                                Prerequisite:  EEC 310, ESC 250, and a grade of C or better in EEC 310.  Prerequisite or corequisite: PHY 244.  Continuation of EEC 310.  Advanced Basic electrical circuit  concepts; network theorems; circuit laws; mutually coupled circuits, Laplace transforms and transfer functions, poles and zeros, convolution, responses of RLC circuits to initial conditions and time varying forcing functions. AC steady-state analysis.  Poly phase AC circuits, frequency response and resonance, Fourier analysis, and s-domain analysis.  Integration of computer applications using PSpice.


Textbook:                                 Charles K. Alexander and Mathew N. O. Sadiku,

                                                Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 4th Edition, McGraw Hill,



References:                               James W. Nilsson and Susan Riedel, Electric Circuits,

                                                Addison-Wesley, 6th Edition, 1999.


                                                J. David Irwin and Chwan-Hwa Wu, Basic Engineering

                                                Circuit Analysis, Prentice Hall, 6th Edition, 1999.



Coordinator:                             Dr. Charles K. Alexander, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Office: SH 336

Telephone: 216 687-2538


Office Hours: M and W 1:45 to 2:45 and 5:50 to 6:30, other times by appointment.



Course Objectives:       The student should understand the basic concepts of advanced electrical circuits involving linear elements such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, mutually coupled circuits (including various transformers), all forms of time varying sources, dependent sources, and polyphase systems.  The student will be expected to solve these in the time domain as well as the frequency domain.  In addition, the student will be expected to solve these circuits using PSpice.



 Week                                     Topics                                                                    Reading                 Problems


  1                                            Review Chapter 15 & 16                                      Ch. 15 & 16            16.5, 11, 23,

(Jan 21&23)                           & partial fraction expansion                                                               27, 32, 37, 40


  2                                            Fourier Series                                                        Sect 17.1-9             TBA

 (Jan 26-30)                            (here we introduce the AC model of circuits)


  3                                            The Fourier Transform                                        Sect 18.1-8             TBA                                      

(Feb 2-6)                                Frequency Response                                          Sect 14.1-6             TBA                                      


  4                                            Frequency Response                                          Sect 14.7-12           TBA

 (Feb 9-13)


  5                                            February 16, President’s Day, school closed.

(Feb 18&20)                          AC Circuit Analysis, sinusoids and phasors  Sect 9.1-9               TBA



  6                                            AC Circuit Analysis, sinusoids and phasors Sect 9.1-9               TBA

(Feb 23-27)                           


  7                                            AC Circuit Analysis, Steady-State                    Sect 10.1-10           TBA

(March 2-6)                          


  8                                            Review on Monday and test on Wednesday                

(Mar 9-13)                              Exam #1, March 11th


Spring break, March 14th through the 20th.


  9                                            AC Power Analysis                                             Sect 11.1-5             TBA

 (Mar 23-27)                           AC Power Analysis                                             Sect 11.6-10           TBA


 10                                           Three-Phase Circuits                                           Sect 12.1-5             TBA

(Mar 30 – April 3) Three-Phase Circuits                                           Sect 12.6-10           TBA



(April 6-10)                            Magnetically Coupled Circuits                          Sect 13.1-5             TBA


 12                                           Magnetically Coupled Circuits                          Sect 13.6-10           TBA

(Apr 13-17)                           


 13                                           Review on Monday and test on Wednesday

(Apr 20-24)                            Exam  #2, Apr 22nd  


 14                                           Two-Port Networks                                             19.1-5                      TBA

(Apr 27 – May 1)


 15                                           Two-Port Networks                                             19.6-10                    TBA

(May 4-8)                               Review for the semester on Friday.


Final exam, Friday, May 8th, at 1PM (for 2 hours).



·        A minimum of 7 unannounced quizzes (4 highest for 33.33%).

·        2 scheduled tests (66.67%).

·        Final exam (50%).


As you may have guessed, the final is optional.  If you choose to take it, I will take the two higher of the quizzes and two exams for 25% each plus the final (25%+25%+50%).