Fenn Cooperative Education Program

Faculty Mentor Participation

For the student, Faculty Mentor is a key academic link in the chain. Responsibilities will vary with the individual student, but will include the following points on a mutually agreed basis:

employer responsibilities
For the ESC 300 course, a section will be set up for the Department. The advisor for that Department will be the Instructor and will be responsible for ensuring students meet all the requirements, as well as will issue grade to the student.

Dr. Joseph Svestka,
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

The student will be required to contact his/her mentor to review the technical aspects of the Co-op Learning Objective Report and the position description. The mentor will contact the company directly regarding technical questions or collaborate with the Cooperative Education Coordinator to resolve any issues with the employer.

Dr. Philip Degroot
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr.Paul X. Bellini

The mentor and student will identify other areas where the mentor could provide technical guidance or assistance. These areas may include advice on how to approach a problem or where to obtain information when the student is confronted with an assignment for which there has been no training provided. The mentor and/or the Engineering Cooridnator may also contact the employer, if necessary.
Dr. Paul X. Bellini
Mechanical Engineering

  • Meet at least twice a work period with the student (objectives and report).
  • Evaluate the student’s final report and the employer’s performance evaluation. Compare the accomplishments against the defined work experience objectives.

  • Visit the work site for as many employers as possible during one academic year. Plan the visits with the Cooperative Education Coordinator.
  • Forward all documents to the Coordinator (objectives, evaluations, reports, etc.).
Dr.Paul Bosela
Civil & Environmental Engineering
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