Co-ops and Professional Development

Co-op Work Requirements


  • The student will meet with her/his Faculty Mentor prior to beginning an Assignment to establish the objectives the student wants to accomplish during the co-op work period. The Mentor will review the job description to insure it is a good experience. These will be reviewed at the completion of the work period with the Mentor.(See Co-op Learning Objectives Report).
  • The student will meet with her/his Faculty Mentor during the co-op to discuss progress in achieving the objectives and the learning experience.
  • If problems should occur, the student should contact the Faculty Mentor and/or the Engineering Career Coordinator.
  • The student will be required to write a report on his/her experience.


The student should conduct him/her self as a professional and be a good representive of Washkewicz College of Engineering:

  • Arrive at work on time and when scheduled.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Be polite, professional and cooperative with all team members.
  • Show initiative; set goals and prioritize.
  • Complete assignments on time.
  • Be aware of confidential information and protect it.
  • Avoid non-work issues in the office.
  • Maximize the work experience opportunity.
  • Avoid non-productive use of time. Do not misuse the computer: this includes instant messaging, shopping and playing computer games.
  • Be a team player.

Completing The Work Experience

  • Meet with the supervisor and ask the person to complete the evalutation form.
  • Ask the supervisor to review the report for confidentiality issues.
  • Complete all documents: report, objectives, and evalutaion.
  • Meet the Faculty Mentor

Considering Leaving a Position Early

  • The co-op experience is an agreement between the student, Faculty Mentor, Engineering Career Coordinator and the employer. The student is also a representative of the Fenn College of Engineering and his/her co-op classmates. Students with concerns about their co-ops must address them immediately with the Faculty Mentor and the Engineering Career Coordinator, who will address the situation with the employer. Since this is a learning experience, the student is discouraged from terminating employment without this review process. If the student feels her/his concerns are not addressed, she/he has the right to appeal the situation with the Dean of Engineering.
  • Involuntary Termination - See Employer Responsibilities.