Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Why Cleveland?

The greater Cleveland area is a vibrant medical community with 21 hospitals and several nationally top-ranked hospitals and research institutions.  The research funding for biotechnology and biomedical industries in northeast Ohio has tripled in recent years from $50 million to $150 million.  Over $134 million has been invested in venture capital funding in northeast Ohio’s biotechnology and biomedical firms between 2001 and 20042.   Employment in the bioscience sector in Ohio has grown 64% between 1996 and 2002, compared to national growth of 31%6.  Over 500 bioscience companies are located in northeast Ohio, with a total employment of 20,000.  Of these companies, 49% are listed as manufacturers/developers3.  The planned Medical Mart and Convention Center in Cleveland may host up to 50 mid-size to large  medical trade shows per year.5  These activities are all expected to stimulate growth in the regional biomedical device industry and thus increase the demand for biomedical engineers.  Small businesses have the greatest need for employees with solid engineering fundamentals, knowledge of application to human physiology, and skills in product design with an awareness of business issues.  Graduates of our MS BME program will be able to fulfill positions in product design, project management, research, engineering services, technical support and sales.