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The Chemical Engineering curriculum prepares the student for a successful career in a dynamic and progressive profession. A chemical engineer may pursue a wide scope of projects. Chemical engineers are responsible for the design and operation of processes that accomplish chemical changes. Examples of such processes are the production of antibiotics, detergents, drugs, paints, plastics, petrochemicals, advanced materials, and synthetics. A chemical engineer may also work on the research and development preceding or accompanying a given process design, or the management of a plant or an entire enterprise. The Cleveland State University chemical engineering curriculum provides a strong foundation to work in energy conservation and utilization, environmental pollution control, as well as the petrochemical industry and many other chemical-related industries. Consistent with mission of the university, college and department, this program has been designed to provide an attractive avenue for students interested in chemical engineering.

The chemical engineering program at CSU strives to prepare its graduates to:

  1. Utilize practical engineering skills for productive, gainful, and ethical careers in chemical and related industries and organizations; and
  2. Engage in lifelong learning through professional activities and/or the pursuit of higher educational degrees.

A Roadmap to Graduation includes a solid foundation in Sciences and Mathematics, fundamentals in Engineering, Chemical Engineering core areas, and Electives.

Special Notes

Advanced Science Electives:

A minimum of 4 credit hours of advanced science are required. The advanced science credits must be earned in a 300-level or above course in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology or geology. Examples of class selections consistent with the program objectives include advanced classes in Chemistry (CHM 311, CHM 332, CHM 341, CHM 402), Physics (PHY 330, PHY 441, PHY 470), and Biology (BIO 306, BIO 308, BIO 310, BIO 416). A more comprehensive list can be obtained from the Program Academic Adviser.

Independent studies with faculty from the College of Sciences and Health Professions can be used to fulfill these requirements. These courses must be taken for a letter grade, and students are required to present a formal written petition to the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering prior to registration in such independent studies. Courses promoted on an S/U basis will not qualify to fulfill graduation requirements.

Students can plan their electives sequence to fulfill the requirements for minors in chemistry and physics. These electives can also be selected to satisfy the Biotechnology Certificate track, or Accelerated Masters Programs in the College of Engineering.

Details and guidelines can be obtained from the Program Academic Adviser.

Senior Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Technical Electives:

Two (2) Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Technical electives are also required. These elective courses must be approved by the department for engineering design and science contents. A varied selection is offered each year. These electives can be selected to satisfy the Biotechnology Certificate track, or Accelerated Master’s Programs in the College of Engineering. Details and guidelines can be obtained from the department academic adviser.

2-D in ESC and CHE rule: Chemical Engineering students are limited to a combined maximum of two grades of D in Engineering Science (ESC) or Chemical Engineering (CHE) courses to be eligible for graduation.

For a more detailed and updated Program Information, please refer to the appropriate sections of the Undegraduate Catalog » Bachelor's Degrees » Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.

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