Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department: MSc in Chemical Engineering

Preparatory Program

This section is only applicable to the Master in Chemical Engineering Program. For questions regarding programs of study for non-engineering majors applying to the Master in Biomedical Engineering, correspond directly with the Program Director at (use MS BME in the Subject line)

Graduate students who have an undergraduate background in a field other than chemical engineering are required to enroll in the Preparatory Program. This program is intended to prepare students for graduate courses in chemical engineering. The program consists of course work in the following areas:

  • CHE 300 Chemical Engineering Principles (4-0-4)
    Corequisites: General Chemistry and Differential Equations
    (Offered during Spring terms only)
  • CHE 302 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (4-0-4)
    Prerequisites: Differential Equations, Multivariable Calculus, Engineering Thermodynamics, and Chemical Engineering Principles,
    or equivalent background
    (Offered during Fall terms only)
  • CHE 306 Transport Phenomena (4-0-4)
    Prerequisites: Differential Equations, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, and Chemical Engineering Principles, or equivalent background
    (Offered during Fall terms only)
  • CHE 404 Chemical Reactor Design (3-2-4)
    Prerequisites: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena, or equivalent background
    (Offered during Spring terms only)
  • CHE 408 Separation Processes (4-0-4)
    Prerequisites: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena.
    (Offered during Spring terms only)
Depending on the student's background, additional courses in Mathematics, Science, or Engineering may be required. Students should call the Chemical Engineering Department at (216) 687-2571 to set up an appointment with the Graduate Program Coordinator prior to registering for classes.

Depending on the student's background and progress, an schedule combining classes to fulfill the Preparatory Program and classes towards the fulfillment of the graduate degree program can be authorized by the academic/research advisor.

Download a sample Preliminary Advising Form to assess your requirements. A similar form will be completed by the Program Adviser during orientation and before your first term enrollment.

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