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Assessment of Course Learning Objectives

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Program


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Please check the items Program Outcomes that were covered in this course. Consult the Outcomes-Curriculum Matrix or Curriculum.   For each outcome checked make an assessment of how successfully were your expectations met.

Turn in this form with your grades.  Becky will collect them, and I will compile the results, and get back to you at the time of Program and CurriculumAssessment.  Thank you.


Give a score 0-3, according to 0 scale runs from 0 on left to 3 on right 3
Did not meet expectations Met Expectations completely


Program Outcome,

Students have the ability to/understanding of

0 1 2 3 N/A
a. Apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science & Engineering

b. Design Experiments, Collect and Analyze Experimental Data


Design Chemical Systems, Units & Processes to meet specific needs

d. Work in Multidisciplinary Team Work
e. Identify, Formulates & Solve Engineering Problems
f. Professional and Ethical Responsibilities, including Safety and Environmental aspects related to Chemical Systems, Units and Processes
g. Communicate (in writing and/or verbally) Effectively
h. Contemporary Issues & Global/Social Impact of Engineering Solutions
i. Need and Ability to engage on Lifelong Learning
j. Use Techniques, Skills and Modern Engineering Tools necessary for Engineering Practice
k. Principles and Working Knowledge of subject areas as defined by the Program Criteria of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers


In the space below, provide an explanation of how each outcome was met (forinstance, what assessment tools or strategies you used to determine that theoutcome was met).  If any of the outcomes was not completely met, how canthe course (or curriculum structure: prerequisites, etc.) be improved to bettermeet these outcomes.

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