Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Costs and Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Most full-time students in good standing hold Graduate Assistantships providing stipends in addition to paying tuition and fees. Typically, Graduate Assistants assist research scientists at the Lerner Institute, supervise undergraduate laboratory sections and/or tutor undergraduates. Financial aid in the form of assistantships and tuition/fee waivers are available on a competitive basis for qualified students.

Student Medical Insurance

Campus Health Care Center provides ambulatory services for physical exams and treatment for common illnesses such as sore throats, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and conjunctivitis. Health promotion and prevention education services, and counseling and support groups. There is no charge for most office visits and a minimal charge for complete physical exams, laboratory tests and medications.

Financial Support

Students interested in applying for University-administered financial aid programs should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or the Federal Renewal Application, after January 1 of each year. If selected for verification, calendar year tax returns and a CSU Verification form are required. Forms are available in the Financial Aid Office, Keith Building, Room 1300.

For more information on Graduate Assistantships and Financial Aid, click on the following link :

Assistantships and Aid