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The Washkewicz College of Engineering provides academic advising for engineering freshmen, new transfer students, current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as prospective engineering students.


Undergraduate Engineering Academic Advising

Engineering Dean's Office Undergraduate Academic Advisors:

Rose Begalla, M.A.
Manager of Engineering Student Affairs & Advising
Fenn Hall Room 104
Phone# (216)687-2555
Serreta Archer, M.S.
Academic Advisor
Fenn Hall Room 104
Phone# (216)687-2555

Advising Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Fridays: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To schedule a weekday academic advising appointment, please call (216) 687-2555. Walk-in(s) are welcome according to availability.

Weekly academic advising from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and summer Saturday academic advising is available for new freshmen and transfer students in the CSU Exploratory Advising Office, located in the Main Classroom Building, Room 110.

The Exploratory Advising Office phone number is (216) 687-9376. Walk-in(s) are welcome.

What are the advising procedures for new Engineering Freshmen?

Engineering freshmen receive academic advising for first semester course registration through participation in the University Freshmen Orientation Program. Visit the website below for details:

All first year students will be assigned a first year advisor, and will be transitioned to the College of Engineering once the requisite course work is complete.

What are the advising procedures for new Transfer engineering students?

Initial academic advising appointments for transfer students are conducted in the Engineering Dean’s Office, listed above.

Transfer Credit Evaluation:
During an academic advising appointment, new transfer students will receive a transfer credit evaluation. Students should bring course descriptions, syllabi, and supporting materials for math, chemistry, physics, and engineering courses for transfer credit evaluation. These courses must be evaluated by the respective instructors using a Engineering Transfer Credit Evaluation Forms.

Course Registration:
Upon completion of a transfer credit evaluation, students are advised and registered for their first semester courses.

Transfer students are also invited to register for the CSU Transfer Orientation Program. Visit the website below for details:

Where do current undergraduate engineering students go for advising?

Freshmen and transfer students who have received their initial advising for their first semester course registration are assigned to a faculty or staff advisor from their respective engineering departments. The faculty advisors provide consistent academic advising from each student’s second semester until graduation. Department faculty and staff are listed below. Current students are encouraged to call for an appointment each semester. Walk-ins are welcome according to availability. Department chairmen serve as academic advisors during summer sessions.

Chemical Engineering Professor Jorge Gatica, Advisor
Professor Joanne Belovich, Chair
Fenn Hall Room 455
(216) 687-2571
Civil Engineering All Civil Engineering Professors are advisors
Professor Norbert Delatte, Chair
Fenn Hall Room 107
(216) 687-2400
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Chansu Yu, Chair
and Ms. Lydia Demjanczuk, Student Coordinator
Fenn Hall Room 332
(216) 687-2589

Mechanical Engineering Professor Mounir Ibrahim, Chair
Fenn Hall Room 232
(216) 687-2567
Electronic Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Rose Begalla, Manager of Engineering Student Affairs & Advising
Fenn Hall Room 104
(216) 687-2555

Advising is also done through the departments.

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