Division of University Engagement

Workplace Engagement

Workplace Engagement supports the reciprocal relationship among Cleveland State University’s students, faculty and employers from the private, non-profit and public sectors to ensure student career success and the region’s economic stability.

As organizational systems become more global and interdependent, employers from all sectors are discovering a growing alignment among the goals of innovation, sustainability, equitable economic development, and positive social transformation locally and globally. In this way, preparing students for the workforce is not only about personal advancement and business profits, it is also a civic endeavor.

CSU students are especially well-suited to contribute to this new technically demanding, competitive, civic-oriented workforce. Most of our students have work experience and many are older than the typical college student, so they bring a maturity and savvy that employers value. Many students are from Northeast Ohio and intend to stay in the region, so they tend to make deep investments in the community, including their places of employment. And they are accustomed to learning and engaging in a diverse environment, which makes them adept at collaborating across cultural differences.

The Division of University Engagement’s efforts in Workplace Engagement engage with faculty to develop tools and innovations that orient students toward career exploration and that enhance the development of 21st century skills they will need to be successful in their career pursuits, particularly through the University’s undergraduate curriculum.

Key Initiatives

  • Curriculum development support The Division of University Engagement received grant funding from the Fenn Education Fund two years in a row to support the development of curriculum that promotes career exploration. Faculty participate in ongoing working groups to design curricula that incorporate and elevate experiential learning and encourage students to pursue internships.
  • Career Lines Career Lines is a unique tool that assists students, parents, and faculty translate majors to occupations, based on U.S. Labor Department data and insights from within the University.