Division of University Engagement

Engaging Diversity Grants of Excellence (EDGE) - EDGE Faculty Grants

Application and Program Guidelines


The Vice President for Institutional Diversity welcomes proposals from faculty for supplemental support of projects to advance institutional diversity at Cleveland State University. These grants are to be supplemental in nature; college or department support is also required.

The maximum individual grant award will not exceed $3000. Grants are limited to funds available and preference will be given to full-time faculty. Departmental cost sharing is encouraged. Awards will be made by the Vice President for Institutional Diversity. Individuals may not receive multiple grants totaling more than the maximum during the funding year. Funds may not be used for purposes other than specified in the award; unauthorized expenses will not be reimbursed. All funds must be expended or encumbered by June 30th.

EDGE funding will provide supplemental support for faculty diversity initiatives designed to:

  • Address and develop solutions to social justice, health, educational, economic, and quality of life issues facing communities of color
  • Foster knowledge and understanding of diversity issues related to the professions
  • Preserve the history and legacy of communities of color in Northeast Ohio
  • Foster diversity through research and professional development
  • Foster collaboration with communities of color
  • Infuse diversity in the curriculum through course development and redesign
  • Present diversity scholarship or creative production at a professional conference or other venue

Application Process

Submission of a written proposal detailing the following:

  • Purpose and amount requested
  • Detailed summary of expenses/cost
  • Description of the relationship of the request to institutional diversity
  • Address the expected benefit of the project to the mission and goals of the requesting department and /or the requestors role in engaging diversity
  • Endorsement by department chair is encouraged

EDGE Award Report

All award recipients are required to submit a written report, including documentation of expenses, to the Vice President, Division of Institutional Diversity, before the end of the semester in which the project was concluded. If the project is not completed at the time of the report, but the funds have been used, the report should indicate the current status of the project.

Please Submit Proposals to:

Division of Institutional Diversity
Rhodes Tower 1201

**Off-campus travel is subject to university policies and procedures. Applicants are encouraged to review the Cleveland State University Travel Policy at www.csuohio.edu/offices/controllers.