Admission Requirements

Please review the following information prior to completing your online application:

The following admission requirements apply to students who have not completed any college-level course work after graduating from high school or earning the GED. High school students with post-secondary course work are considered incoming freshmen.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

Students must meet the following three requirements to be admitted:

  1. Cumulative high school GPA of 2.3
  2. Successful completion of 13 core academic requirements:
    • 4 years/units of English
    • 3 years/units of Math
    • 3 years/units of Natural Sciences
    • 3 years/units of Social Sciences
  3. ACT score of 16 or SAT score of 770 (combined critical reading and math). Cleveland State reviews the writing and essay sections of the ACT and SAT but is not currently using these scores in the admission process.

If you have questions about the University's admission requirements, contact an enrollment representative.

Additional Admission Requirements for Specific Colleges

Two colleges — College of Education and Human Services and Washkewicz College of Engineering — have individual GPA and test score requirements for direct admission into their colleges that exceed the minimum admission requirements stated above.

College of Education and Human Services (includes School of Nursing)

  • 2.5 GPA and
  • 20 ACT (950 combined critical reading and math SAT)

Washkewicz College of Engineering

  • 2.7 GPA and
  • 23 ACT (1070 combined critical reading and math SAT)
  • Note: For the Department of Engineering Technology the university minimum admission requirements apply

Additional Admission Requirements for the Department of Music

Music students must complete an additional application and complete an audition. Students who have not completed a music theory course for college credit are also required to complete an oral and written placement exam. Contact the Department of Music for additional information at 216.687.2033.

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