Environmental Health and Safety

Contact Information

For general departmental business, please call Carolyn Pellettiere at (216) 687-5388 or (216) 687-9306 or email at c.pellettiere@csuohio.edu.

If immediate response is needed (chemical spills, broken thermometers, odors, etc.), DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGE ON DEPARTMENT PERSONNEL VOICE MAIL.

Contact the Campus Police Dispatch by dialing 9-1-1 from any campus telephone. If you are calling from a cell phone, also dial 9-1-1 and tell the operator to connect you with CSU Police.

Mailing Address
Cleveland State University
Office of Environmental Health & Safety
2121 Euclid Avenue
PS 210
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

Department Staff

Bob Grindley, BA,CHCM,CHS,CHSP    
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Radiation Safety Officer
EHS Compliance Officer
Office Location: PS 210
Office Phone: 216.687.9338
Office Fax: 216.687.9346
Cell Phone: 216.224.7624
E-Mail: r.grindley@csuohio.edu



Carolyn Pellettiere
Clerical Specialist
Office Location: PS 235
Office Phone: 216.687.5388
Office Fax: 216.687.9346
E-Mail: c.pellettiere@csuohio.edu

Robert P. Howerton
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Office Location: PS 233
Office Phone: 216.687.3715
Office Fax: 216.687.9346
Cell Phone: 216.276.4324
E-Mail: r.howerton@csuohio.edu


Environmental Safety Officer
Office Location: PS 234
Office Phone: 216.523.7588
Office Fax: 216.687.9346
Cell Phone: 216.276.1395

Patrick Westropp
Fire Safety Inspector 1
Office Location: Plant Services 230
Office Phone: 216.687.3842
Office Fax: 216.687.9346
Cell Phone: 216.256.5572
Email: p.westropp@csuohio.edu

Pat O'Malley
Fire Safety Inspector
Office Location: PS 230
Office Phone: 216.687.9306
Office Fax: 216.687.9346
Cell Phone: 216.244.2485
E-Mail: p.omalley@csuohio.edu