Disability Services

Testing in Disability Services

Students Scheduling an Exam:

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule exams. Please call our front desk at (216)687-2015 or stop in to our office (MC 147) at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a test. Don’t forget to notify your instructor that you will be taking the exam in the ODS and ask the faculty member to please forward the exam to us.

Final exams need to be scheduled well in advance of the finals week period. For Fall semester 2014, final exams must be scheduled no later than Monday, November 17th at 5:00PM. The Date for Spring 2015 is April 13th. Only current final exams will be proctored during finals week. Other exams (make-up exams, exams for incompletes, etc.) can be scheduled either prior to or after the finals week period.

Students are expected to take their exams at the same time that the class meets, but there are exceptions. Since we are normally only open until 6 PM on weekdays and are closed on Saturdays, if you have evening or weekend exams, you will likely need to schedule these exams at an alternate time. Please also be aware that we cannot start an exam if there is a possibility that you could miss or arrive late to your next class. This could occur if a student is eligible for extra time and has a schedule that includes classes that meet in consecutive time periods. In all other cases, you would need to get permission from your instructor in order to be permitted to postpone an exam.

When scheduling your exam, please let our front desk staff know if you will need a reader or any special hardware or software for taking an exam. We have testing rooms equipped with white noise machines, CCTVs, computers, and printers. All Testing room computers have JAWS, ZoomText, Kurzweil 3000, Dragon, and Office 2007. Because there are unique features in some of our rooms and testing space is often in high demand, we will need to know if you need to use a specific room.

When you come into our office to take your first exam, you will be required to sign a copy of the exam regulations to confirm that you are aware of the rules. This only needs to be done once. Please visit the Exam Rules listed above to read the list of exam regulations.