Disability Services

Testing Students with Disabilities

Exam Rules and Regulations:

All students are expected to observe the following rules. Each student is required to sign a copy of the exam regulations to confirm that they are aware of these regulations and agree to abide by them. If you want to see the form to read it ahead of coming in to take an exam follow the ODS Exam Regulations link.

  1. Exams MUST be scheduled at least 2 days before the exam is to be taken. FINAL EXAMS MUST BE SCHEDULED BY MONDAY, November 17th AT 5pm for Fall semester and Monday, April 13th at 5pm for Spring semester. Students are expected to schedule exams with the Office of Disability Services. This may be done in person, over the phone, or by email to ods@csuohio.edu.
  2. Students should take the exam at the time the class regularly meets. Exceptions may be granted due to time constraints or with written approval from the instructor.
  3. Students with evening, weekend, or online classes should contact ODS professional staff to discuss testing accommodations.
  4. Students are expected to remind their instructors to deliver the exams to the ODS.
  5. Students with distraction reduced space accommodations are not guaranteed a room by themselves.
  6. Students must be on time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, your exam may need to be rescheduled. There is no guarantee that the instructor will permit a makeup exam.
  7. Students must complete exams 15 minutes prior to closing. Fall and Spring semester exams are administered Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM-5:45 PM, Friday from 8:00 AM-4:45 PM.
  8. Predetermined time accommodations will be strictly enforced. Students will be informed of their end time when they begin the exam.
  9. All personal items (book bags, purses, jackets, etc.) will be secured away from the test taker.
  10. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited. Cell phones must be placed with the student’s personal items. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  11. All exams are closed book, closed note, unless otherwise specified. Any special exam instructions (including open book/note allowance, computer/internet needs, etc.) must be provided in writing by the instructor issuing the exam.
  12. Food is not permitted during exams. Disability-related exceptions should be approved in advance.
  13. Students are expected to use the restroom before the exam begins. Restroom breaks will be limited unless there is a documented health condition.
  14. ODS exam proctors may inspect the exam environment to ensure academic integrity.
  15. If a student is observed cheating on an exam by the proctor, the student’s exam will be removed and returned to the instructor with a detailed description of the event. Further action will be determined by the instructor and the Assistant Director of Disability Services.

All other rules apply as listed in the Code of Student Conduct and principles of academic honesty. If a student is caught cheating or not conducting themselves in an honest manner It will be reported to the Judicial Affairs and to that students professor.