Disability Services


Some students have “copies of another student’s notes” as a listed accommodation on their memos. Please make a general announcement to the class that a student needs copies of notes and ask for a volunteer who is willing to share. Please DO NOT identify the student who needs the accommodation to the rest of the class. If the student with the disability does not mind being identified to the notetaker, you can then match those students up after class. Otherwise, the student can bring notes to the Office of Disability Services to be given to students who wish to remain anonymous. Copies of notes can be made in the Office of Disability Services.

Instructions for Securing a Notetaker:

Complete access to courses includes the ability to leave class with a useable set of notes. Some disabilities hinder the ability to take one’s own notes, either because of hearing, processing speed, writing fluency, or a number of other reasons. As a result, notetaking is considered a reasonable accommodation under Sec. 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. We cannot require faculty notes, however, if your notes are available and you do not object to sharing them they may be helpful to the student. If notes are an approved accommodation this will be noted in the accommodation memo.

Please ask at the beginning of the class session if any student is willing to share their notes with a student who has a disability. Please do not state the name of the student. Please ask the volunteering student to see you after class.

  1. If the student needing a notetaker does not mind being identified:

    The notetaker can make copies of notes and hand them directly to the student who needs them before or after class. Copies can be made free of charge in the Office of Disability Services (ODS) MC 147.

  2. If the student needing a notetaker does not want to be identified:

    The notetaker should be asked to bring their notes to the ODS in MC 147 so that we can make copies for the student who needs them. The notetaker should note the course, date, and instructor on the first sheet of notes from each class.

If you have any questions, or if a notetaker cannot be identified, please contact an ODS staff member at 687-2015.