Disability Services

Mobile Assistive technology

Equipment List for Mobile AT

HP Laptops (4 hours)

We have 1 laptop that can be borrowed for 4 hour blocks. This is loaded with nearly all of the software available in the AT Lab. It is a 15.6 inch HP Notebook. this can be checked out with headsets for use with Dragon.


We have 2 Canon LiDE 90 USB scanners that fit into the laptop bags and are very light weight. These can be used with scanning and reading applications in a classroom or in a study area.

ALVA BC640 and Humanware Braillient 32 (4 hours)

These Braille displays are light weight and can be checked out with a laptop or can be installed on a student's personal laptop. They work with JAWS, NVDA, or VoiceOver. They also have Bluetooth capability for wireless use.

Video Magnifiers (4 hours)


Standard desktop video magnifier with a 15 inch screen. It folds down and fits into a rolling carrying case.

Onyx Deskset 17 XL

The Onyx has a 17 inch monitor that is both height and tilt adjustable. It works in both desktop and distance viewing. It fits into a rolling soft side carrying case.


The deskmate has a 15 inch screen and sits on a desktop with a camera that is good for distance or desktop viewing. It fits into a soft side carrying case.

Magnilink Student

This camera can be used with a laptop or a video monitor. When it is hooked up to a laptop it can perform in a split screen mode with ZoomText and be used to take snapshots of the chalkboard and overheads.

SenseView Duo

These handheld video magnifiers has distance viewing capabilities. With the flip of a switch the Senseview Duo can move from looking at papers in front of you to looking at the chalkboard or other presentation materials. It magnifies up to 14 times on close objects and 4 times in distance view.


Handheld video magnifier that magnifies from 2x to 26x. It has a battery life of 2.5 hours. There is also an attachable writing camera but it is difficult to write under.

UbiDuo Deaf Communication System (4 hours)

The UbiDuo by S Com provides a quick method of face to face communication for the deaf and hard of hearing. The device can be set up in 8 seconds so that two people can type messages back and forth between a pair of wireless devices. Each device has a keyboard and screen to conduct the conversation. They are designed to be portable, weighing no more that a laptop and fitting into a laptop bag. The UbiDuo can also be used as a TTY phone. This requires a analog phone line which is available in our office. It doesn't work on the standard digital phonelines used throughout campus.

William Sound System Hearing Helper (6 hours)

These are personal FM systems that assist a person with a hearing loss to listen to the professor while filtering out extraneous classroom noise. They are also good for helping a student with an attention deficit disorder to keep focus on the professor.

Perkins Brailler (6 hours)

We have some standard 6 dot Braille type writers that students can borrow for use on campus. Students need to provide their own Braille paper. Braille paper is just a thin card stock paper that can be purchased from any office supply store.