Disability Services


For Math texts we may need more advance notice for alternative formats. If you would like the equations in a format that is readable by a screen reader than we will need to provide you with MathML WebPages. These need to be opened in Internet Explore. To view these files and read them you need to have a plug-in called Math Player installed which is distributed by Design Science. To install the application open the MathPlayerSetup.exe file linked below. This program is only for Windows operating systems.

To use this program inside of Internet Explorer you will need to choose Internet Explorer as the program to open the file type with when you open the file for the first time. The file extension is .xht which does not default to a browser so you need to select a program to open it with. When Internet Explorer opens it may bring up two warnings. It will warn you with the information bar at the top of the browser. To enable the plug-in you will need to click on the information bar (or CTRL+N) and select Allow Active X control to run. It will also warn you that you are attempting to run active content from a disk and ask you if you want to allow it. If so click Yes.

You can use JAWS, ZoomText, Read & Write Gold, and many other screen readers to read MathML pages. If you do not have a screen reader you can read the equations in the document using the Speak Expression option available when you right-click on the equation in the browser.

The MathML page linked below can only be opened with Internet Explorer. MathPlayer is not currently supported by other browsers. So Internet Explorer is the only browser that text to speech programs will read the math expressions in. Before viewing the Sample Math Test first install MathPlayer.

Install MathPlayer 2

Open Sample Math Test

For more information on MathPlayer and MathML visit http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathplayer/.

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