Center for Faculty Excellence

Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Success Implementation tracking chart

2011 projects

Action Step Responsibility Status
Allow faculty access to student advising information, including “advisor” tab on CampusNet Central administration, IS&T Access exists with FERPA limitations; application process being streamlined, Fall 2011
Devise an institutional strategy for intrusive advising College advising staffs, VPro for Academic Programs Starfish software pilot beginning Fall 2011. This is Step 1.
Educate the university on intrusive advising College advising staffs, VPro for Academic Programs Topic introduced to Faculty Senate, Spring 2011. This is step 1.
Adopt requirement for students to have a graduation plan Faculty Senate Faculty Senate endorsed recommendations of Undergraduate Success Committee (including this item) in Spring 2011
Prepare implementation of graduation plan College Advising staffs, faculty advisors Programmatic graduation plans under discussion at presidential retreat, August 2011
Develop procedure for correcting errors in degree auditing Registrar Hiring of undergraduate curriculum director underway, August 2011
Recruit part-time faculty well in advance and train them Provost, Colleges, CTE CTE offering end-of-summer classroom basics workshops available to part-timers, August 2011
Make compensation for part-timers competitive Human Resources Data gathered from comparable local institutions, Summer 2011
Further study of “bottleneck” courses Student Success Committee, dept. chairs For future action
Develop webpage for part-time faculty CTE Under development, Summer 2011
Convert part-time positions to full-time faculty positions Provost For future action
Develop and implement plan for intrusive advising College advising staffs, Vpro for Academic Programs For future action
Implement the Modified Early Alert System VPro Academic Programs, IS&T For future action
Add graduation plan to Degree Audit software (December) VP Enrollment Serv., IS&T For future action
Allow for advisor overrides to the graduation plan University Registrar and College Advising staffs For future action
Investigate scheduling analytics software University Registrar For future action
Convene meetings of stakeholders to discuss retention of subsets of CSU students OMACR For future action
Gather data from students in each subset of CSU students Student Success Committee For future action
Obtain expert advice on CSU student subsets OMACR For future action