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Active Learning To Enhance Your Class

"Tell me and I'll listen. Show me and I'll understand. Involve me and I'll learn."

changes the student from a passive recipient of information
to a full participant in learning the material you think most important.

Use Active Learning?

Research shows that active
learning is the equal of lectures in helping students master content and
is superior in developing students' thinking and writing skills. It also
finds students prefer active-learning strategies.

Active Learning Mean Never Lecturing Again?

Not at all. But you may
chose to modify your approach to lecturing.


Your Lecture By:

  • Pausing to enhance
    retention and comprehension because it focuses on clarifying and assimilating
    the information.
  • Use frequent tests
    and quizzes -- some ungraded. They help students retain almost twice
    as much information.
  • Use demonstrations
    to stimulate curiosity and improve understanding of difficult material.
Active Learning