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Faculty Rights and Responsibilities(3)



Textbook Ordering

Faculty should submit the textbook order for their course(s) to the University Bookstore in a timely fashion each semester. Doing so not only helps the bookstore to fulfill the order, but makes it possible for used copies of many textbooks to be procured by students, which allows them a significant financial savings. You should submit the order online (some departments/schools have an administrative staff member submit orders) at least eight weeks before the start of the spring and summer semesters and by April for fall Semester at, or print out the form on the website and submit it to Jim Pauley, Textbook Manager, Cleveland State University Bookstore. You, or your Department/School person who handles book orders may check course enrollments by viewing your class roster and course listings on CampusNet, using your ID# and password (

Finals Week

The deadline for submitting final course grades is found on the Academic Calendar ( Final examinations must be administered during the period assigned and in the room assigned and must follow the approved time schedule. The Provost's policies require that any class that does not use a final exam must instead have a scheduled course meeting during the final exam period. The link for the final exam schedule is also found on the Academic Calendar link (see above). Graded examinations and papers should be returned promptly to students.

Course Evaluations

Student feedback on University courses is very important and each academic term all courses are evaluated through a survey. These student surveys evaluate lecture-format, distance learning, and online course formats, though in different ways. Most traditional and some IVDL (interactive video distance learning) format courses are evaluated through a pencil and paper survey distribution, coordinated within the department/school, with data collected one course day during the last two weeks of the term. A few traditional, some IVDL, and all on-line courses are evaluated with a different survey, distributed anonymously within the Blackboard system ( Students receive an email via their University email account when the survey is released with complete login instructions. It is open for student completion for a two-week time period.

Office Hours

It is important that students have access to faculty members outside of the classroom. For this reason, all faculty members are expected to have regular and posted office hours each term. These office hours should be posted publicly within the department; in addition, syllabi should also include these term office hours. Colleges may determine a weekly minimum number of hours required per faculty member. Under certain circumstances, faculty members who teach online courses may use online office hours to meet part of their requirement for office hours (Agreement 11.3(D)).

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