CSU Foundation

Captain Guidelines - Faculty & Staff Appeal

aka 'Fund Raising 101'*

The Cleveland State University Faculty & Staff Appeal is part of the University’s overall program of annual giving. Annual giving is the primary fundraising method used to broaden support, upgrade giving levels and provide operating support for ongoing programs.

  1. The purposes of the Faculty & Staff Appeal are as follows:
  • Build loyalty to Cleveland State University
  • Send a message to those outside CSU that we believe in and support our own product.
  • Fund student scholarships for those who aspire to attain a college degree.
  • Fund unrestricted and restricted programs at Cleveland State University.
  • Renew faculty & staff financial support annually.
  • Cultivate faculty & staff to increased giving levels.
  • Cultivate new donors and newly hired employees to broaden the base of support.
  • Identify leadership givers within faculty & staff
  • Provide well-deserved recognition to all Faculty & Staff donors
  • Make your contribution first. Solicitors must give before asking others to do so. When a solicitor embarks without having contributed, not only does s/he solicit with less conviction, but s/he is vulnerable to the charge, “Why should I give if you haven’t?”
  • You must have a strong case. The case is the expression of the cause and all the reasons why prospective donors might want to contribute. Think through the rationale for your appeal: why do we need the funds; what will they achieve; and who will benefit? Use your own college or department for examples of possible gift designations when making your case. The members of the faculty & staff need to feel that if they contribute to the appeal, they will be making a difference.