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United Way Services of Greater Cleveland

Cleveland Sight Center Helps Visually Impaired Seniors

"Being old is no bargain, but old and visually impaired is the pits," says Shirley Cozza, 80, a Solon senior with age-related vision loss and unable to care for herself safely and independently. At the Cleveland Sight Center, a United Way partner agency, the Independent Living programs taught Cozza the skills necessary to live independently.

The Cleveland Sight Center, one on United Way's nearly 130 partner agencies, shares the goal of providing Seniors success and helping them to live with dignity.

When Life Changes in a Heartbeat, United Way is There

On September 15, in Cleveland a sudden rear-end collision by a drunk driver sent three members of the Wilson Family hurtling through the air in their sport utility vehicle and in need of the safety net of health and human services supported by United Way Services. Ten-year-old Danielle was thrown from the car, nearly ending her life. For three months Danielle lay in a coma, with little hope for the family until her first halting steps toward recovery began. When it came time for follow-up treatment United Way Services helped cover general inpatient care expenses at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation.

Bridge to a New Life of a Stronger Family and Successful Children

A family man, woman and four young children huddled under Cleveland's Fulton Road Bridge, homeless, frightened and confused by customs and language very different from their native Puerto Rico. An anonymous tip to the Spanish American Committee, a United Way partner agency, extended the safety net of care to the family, which was taken in and temporary housing provided for the adults until a permanent home could be found.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited Helps a Young Man Toward Employment

As unemployment claims in our country reached the highest rate in 19 years, Curtis O. Clark, unemployed and age 22, really wanted a job. Frances Burton, job placement coordinator for Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU), a United Way partner agency that strives to link youth with employment opportunities, connected him within the hour with James B. Chones, marketing manager for Cook Paving and Construction Co, Inc. Chones signed Clark on for a part-time job doing custodial work at Cleveland Hopkins Airport through a contract that Cook Paving and Construction Company's Facilities Support Services has with the airport.

United Way is committed to strengthening educational opportunities and supporting employment through increased skills and employment services and through the community-wide priority of Learning and earning for life.

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Earth Share of Ohio

We are Stewards

"We are all stewards of preserving and maintaining our earthly home in all of its diversity and beauty. This is a responsibility we have to our children and to their children."

We are Caregivers

"We are caregivers for the Earth. We need to remember that and do our share - for ourselves, our children and our communities".

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Community Shares

Cleveland Public Theatre

In the Y-Haven Theatre Project, CPT staff worked with men in addiction recovery at this transitional housing residence for several months, focusing on self-expression skills. The men then compiled their stories into a play, "Buried," and toured at various locations in Cleveland, including drug treatment centers, juvenile detention facilities, and churches. One alumnus of the project, Anson Tolliver, now works with CPT on production crews and serves as facility manager.

Near West Theatre

A trendsetter, NWT was formed in 1978 to provide the youth of Cleveland's Near West Side an alternative to drugs, violence, and vandalism, and to create an avenue in which adults could see teens in a positive light. It has expanded to include children and adults in intergenerational productions so that a learning experience is created for people of all ages. NWT productions encourage discussion, discovery, and interaction with themes that are relevant to peoples' lives. By sharing unique life stories, finding their own voices, and forging personal connections with a production, the participants take part in self-discovery and community building through the medium of theatre.

The Women's Center

Cheryl came to the Women's Center having had her five children removed from her care and her sixth child born positive for drugs. She provided a moving statement at the Center's anniversary celebration, after eight months of sobriety and regaining custody of her children. Cheryl is one of 389 women who have sought substance abuse treatment from the Women's Center. The Center has cared for 511 children of substance-abusing mothers, and 20 babies were born drug-free throughout the past year.

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