Cleveland State University

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Uniting to Share Campaign 2013

President's Message

Dear CSU Contributor,

As a member of the United Way Board and long time contributor, I am hopeful that we as a community can reach our fundraising goal for this year’s Uniting to Share Campaign by increasing participation. The purpose of Uniting to Share Campaign is to have members of the CSU community come together in their sharing to make a bigger impact. You have the opportunity to contribute to the Greater Cleveland community by participating in this year's Uniting to Share campaign where

Caring + Supporting = Understanding

CSU's Uniting to Share Campaign combines the efforts of three separate federations from the Greater Cleveland area: United Way of Greater Cleveland; Community Shares; and Earthshare of Ohio. Your donation can be targeted to either a specific agency, or allocated to the federation's most pressing need. Remember, your donation stays in Northeast Ohio, which makes this area stronger for your relatives, friends, and co-workers.

Thank you for demonstrating CSU's generosity towards our neighbors and friends who need assistance. Together, we are a beacon of hope for the Greater Cleveland area.

Ronald Berkman President