CSU Cares!

CSU Cares!

Uniting to Share Campaign 2014

The extraordinary reach of United Way's work wouldn't be possible without our contributions. We can help the United Way and its partners respond appropriately and effectively to those in need if we all pitch in.

A donation of as little as $1 per week produces amazing results: nutritious meals for five children in shelter, three dialysis sessions for a person suffering from kidney disease or mentoring for two children. Five dollars a week provides a nutritious hot meal each day for a homebound senior citizen or a bed and safe environment for a victim of domestic violence for one month.

Join the CSU community in donating to the United Way this year and help improves the lives of others in our community.

This year's Uniting to Share campaign goal is increase participation.

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Gifts to Uniting to Share can be made by check or payroll deduction (minimum total pledge of $24; $1 deduction per paycheck). Members of the campus community are invited to turn in their pledge forms to their department campaign ambassadors or to Jami Derry MC 412.

Do your part to support those in need in the Northeast Ohio community by supporting Uniting to Share!