Counseling Center

Session Limit Policy

Cleveland State University Counseling Center Session Limit Policy

Effective August 25th, 2014

The Cleveland State University Counseling Center (CSUCC) is the primary resource for assisting Cleveland State University students with their mental health needs. In order to meet the needs of all students seeking services, the CSUCC has adopted a session-limit policy which is outlined below:

  1. Students may utilize up to 16 individual and/or couple counseling sessions within a one-year period. The “one-year period” begins with the client’s first individual/couple counseling session.
  2. Intake sessions, walk-in sessions, consultations, group sessions, and workshops do not count toward the available 16 sessions.
  3. If individuals must cancel an appointment, it is strongly preferred that the cancellation occurs at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Missed and cancelled individual/couple counseling sessions count toward the 16-session limit if they are not cancelled prior to 9am on the day of the scheduled session.
  4. Once an individual’s session limit has been reached he/she must wait until one year has passed from his/her initial counseling session to resume counseling. At that time, students may be able to resume counseling with their previous counselor if desired and if the counselor is available. Students also have the option of changing counselors if desired. Because of limited staff availability, students may be placed on a waitlist at the end of the one-year period. Appropriate referrals to counseling/mental health resources outside of the counseling center will be made upon the conclusion of counseling.
  5. The counseling center staff may determine that a student can exceed the session limit in rare circumstances. This determination will be made via staff consultation and based on clinical judgment.
  6. If there is a waitlist for individual counseling services, preference may be given to full-time students, degree-seeking students, and students who have not previously utilized the counseling center’s services.
  7. There are no limits to how many workshops and/or group sessions students may attend.

Students are encouraged to speak with their counselors about the most effective ways to utilize individual/couple counseling sessions as well as groups, workshops, and other services that the CSUCC has to offer.