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The IELP at Cleveland State University can help you

improve your English skills whether your goals are for educational,

business or personal reasons. By living "in the language," you will

learn English more efficiently. Cleveland is a welcoming, multicultural

city in the mid-western United States with four distinct seasons. You

can explore US culture and customs by visiting the many museums and

cultural events in Cleveland and the state of Ohio. Students who apply

to study at the Intensive English Language Program must be 18 years

of age by the first day of classes.

Intensive English Language Program at Cleveland State
University meets the

professional standard
s in the field of ESL, and
holds institutional memberships in the
Association of Intensive English Programs
and the
Association of International Educators

Cleveland State University’s English as a Second
Language Program and the Center for International
Services and Programs (CISP) are pleased to make
available DHL and FedEx Express mailing of applications,
supporting materials, and financials to our university.
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for information about sending documents or receiving
your I20.

IELP Welcome Letter & Campus Map

Here is the Welcome Letter for Summer Session 2011

Click here for CSU Campus Map

Why Cleveland State's

IELP is your best choice:

  • IELP has full-time study. F-1 visa students receive 20

    hours of intensive English study in the classroom per week from experienced

    ESL teachers.

  • IELP has part-time study available for residents or citizens for whom

    English is their second language.

  • IELP is part of a 4-year university. If you want to earn a degree from

    a US university, you will have the opportunity to experience campus


  • IELP students have access to on-campus housing, airport pick-up, orientation


  • IELP students receive a university ID card and have access to computer

    labs, the library, and other student services.

  • IELP is located in the heart of the city of Cleveland. You can visit

    the many museums and cultural events of the city.

  • Cleveland is located in the "heartland" of the United States. It is

    a welcoming, multicultural city with many activities.

Application Deadlines:

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) will
help you prepare for the university or work. The classes will integrate
the different language skills and give you practice. We can give I-20’s
to request a student visa, but permanent residents and citizens are also

  • The application deadline for Summer 2011 (May 24 - August 12,
    2011) is Tuesday, March 14, 2011.  Transfer application
    deadline is Monday, April 25, 2011.
  • The application deadline for Fall 2011 (August 29 - December
    17, 2011 is Monday, June 13, 2011.  Transfer application
    deadline is Monday, July 25, 2011.

Core Courses:

  • Integrated Reading & Writing: Practice in reading and writing skills
    to increase your comprehension, build your vocabulary, and improve
    your writing and prepare you for more advanced work.
  • Integrated Listening & Speaking: Practice in listening and speaking
    skills to improve your listening comprehension and spoken fluency
    and prepare you for more advanced work.
  • Grammar: Learn and practice grammar structures to use in your other
    classes and everyday activities.

Support Courses:

  • Vocabulary Development: Practice in learning new words & expressions
    by studying: everyday item names, dictionary use, idioms, phrasal
    verbs, and academic words. Practice in learning vocabulary from
    context and word parts.
  • Pronunciation: : Practice in pronouncing English and using
    intonation, rhythm and stress in a variety of settings.
  • Conversation: Practice in everyday and academic conversations. Learn
    vocabulary and how to interact with speakers of English.


come first!

We work hard

to meet your needs:

  • Classes

    offered in 15-week semesters (Fall and Spring) and a 12-week
    Summer Session.

  • The Fall semester start date is in late
    August and Spring start date is in late January.
  • Four levels

    of instruction (High Elementary through Advanced; There is no
    true beginner's level).

  • Core courses

    in Integrated Reading/Writing, and Integrated Listening/Speaking

    and Grammar and support classes in Vocabulary Development,
    Conversation Practice, and in some levels, Pronunciation.

  • Smaller classes

    will give students more individual attention.

  • Students

    at the IELP can use the library, gym, computer labs, etc on

    the Cleveland State University campus and will have a university


  • Our experienced

    and qualified instructors have advanced degrees in ESL or a

    related field

  • We can

    also design special programs for groups during the regular semesters

    or the summer.

What students say about
the IELP!

For more
information, contact:

Michele S. Bowman
ESL Program Director
2121 Euclid Avenue, CE 103
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH 44115

Campus Address:
Cole Center (CE 215)
3100 Chester Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115

Campus Phone:
(216) 875-9669