Continuing Education

Web Development - Computer and Information Technology

Turn your passion for the internet into a fun

Do computers and the Internet intrigue you? Are you
the type of person that likes to know what goes on
under the hood? If so, this might be the certificate
program for you. Discover what’s happening behind
the text and graphics displayed by a web browser.

Customized to meet the needs of adult learners, the
Web Development Certificate Program has been
designed by professionals who have extensive
experience developing, revamping and maintaining
websites for organizations. You will learn to
develop websites that are functionally and
structurally sound, easy to navigate, painless to
locate in a web search, and technically savvy.  
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You will register for each course separately. Individual courses may be taken without participating in the certificate program. For more information, call (216) 687-2144 or send an email to

Cost: $3, 463
Length: Two or more terms
CEUs: 13.3
Contact Hours: 133

You’ll earn a Certificate in Web Development by completing these
thirteen required courses: