Continuing Education

Database System Technologies - Computer and Information Technology

Database designers bring organization and structure
to data.

Employed extensively in a vast
number of enterprises today--industry, engineering,
science, medicine, government and
elsewhere--database management systems are often at
the heart of most software applications.  Many
database management system products have been
developed to meet these needs and are running on
desktops, laptops, PDAs, minis, mid-range and
mainframe computers.  The need for qualified
professionals to manage these systems has never been

Enrich your career by learning the
principles and practices involved in designing,
administering, maintaining and using shared databases. 
The Database Systems Technologies Certificate is
designed to provide both theory and practical knowledge
in database design, database management, data retrieval,
and reporting.   You’ll learn broad, general knowledge
of database systems and concepts, along with,
state-of-the-art practical skills needed by database
systems professionals today.  For information about
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You will register for each course separately. Individual courses may be taken without participating in the certificate program. For more information, call (216) 687-2144 or send an email to

Cost:  $2,300
: Two or more terms
: 8.4
Contact Hours
: 84

You’ll earn a Certificate in Database Systems
Technologies by completing these ten required courses: