Continuing Education

Business Etiquette and Netiquette Essentials

How to communicate, interact, and achieve positive results with
co-workers, colleagues, and clients!

From making a contact, to partnering successfully in the workplace, to
getting a new customer’s business, you are relying on your communication
skills and your ability to understand the “must haves” for good business

Whether you’re meeting face-to-face, sending an email or text, giving a
presentation, hosting a business meal or event, updating your social
networking sites, or making a professional introduction, it’s all about
CONNECTION. And connecting successfully takes savvy skills.

In this highly charged day, we’ll explore how to:

  • Understand other people using the PARTNERS approach
  • Create more effective written communication using the Five Steps
  • Speak professionally on the phone (and leave better messages)
  • Communicate electronically with Netiquette best practices
  • Organize, conduct, and participate in business meetings and events
    with 10 Top Tips

Who Should Attend
Anyone who communicates/interacts with colleagues, co-workers,
customers, and/or other professionals in business environments; for all
professional profiles – from entry-level to experienced.