Cleveland State University [d] NCA 2000 Self-Study Report [d]


Final Self-Study Report Chapter 5: 15 Aug 2000



Cleveland State University has a good record of solid, successful planning. Planning is directly linked to annual priorities, which emanate from the Functional Mission Statement and goals. Priorities are established via a collaborative process with opportunities for input from all University constituencies. These priorities and the University goals are then directly linked to the budgeting process through the Budget and Planning Advisory Committee. The goals and objectives generated in 1993 have been revised several times. All revisions were discussed via the communication processes outlined earlier in this chapter.


The University must now build on the strong planning foundation already established. Some of the next steps will emerge as a direct result of the self-study itself. Others are already on the near-term planning horizon or in process, such as 1) attention to strategies for effective communication within the institution, 2) ongoing tactical planning to prioritize action steps and initiatives in the information technology area, 3) planning for the use of technology to enrich the learning environment for students, 4) identification of new strategies for revenue growth and budget management given state funding scenarios and the need to address competitive salaries, 5) detailed planning for the major comprehensive development campaign (now in the "silent" phase), and 6) expected enhancements to Ohio’s state system of performance-based budgeting for universities. These new initiatives will be built on the same foundations of discussion, inclusive feedback mechanisms, and careful linkage to administrative and budget cycles in order to ensure their success.

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