Cleveland State University [d] NCA 2000 Self-Study Report [d]


Final Self-Study Report Chapter 4: 15 Aug 2000


Accomplishing Educational Goals And Contributing To The University’s Mission

Program activities that directly support the University’s mission include forums that address student retention issues, study marathons before final exams, academic advising and counseling, and assistance on choosing a graduate field or school. Plays produced by the Program utilize and enhance the talents of students, both on stage and behind the scenes. The Program collaborates with other units on campus to present programs in the performing arts that attract audiences and prospective students who otherwise might not come to the campus.

Black Studies supports other minority programs on campus including CLASS, LINK, Mentoring, and Mali Yetu, an alternative Afro-centric summer school program for children. Off campus collaborations include UMADOP, a drug prevention program, the Job Corps, Cleveland Treatment Center, and the Berea Children’s Center. Each year, the Black Studies staff organizes and produces a program for the campus and the community observing the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Black Studies Program has achieved its goals and advanced the University’s mission by sponsoring and supporting activities that contribute to diversity, the academic experiences and success of students, and community outreach and education. Audience and participant surveys have consistently rated the Programs’ activities as good-to-excellent.


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