Cleveland State University [d] NCA 2000 Self-Study Report [d]


Final Self-Study Report Chapter 2: 15 Aug 2000

Chapter 2: Criterion 1

Cleveland State University has Clear and Publicly Stated Purposes Consistent with its Mission and Appropriate to an Institution of Higher Education


In response to a mandate from the Ohio Board of Regents in 1993, Cleveland State initiated a process for the development of a new functional mission statement that would serve as a blueprint for the future of the University. A committee of faculty members was appointed to draft the mission statement. A broad coalition representing all of the University’s constituencies, including the public, collaborated in the design and development of the draft statement. An external grant from the Cleveland Foundation assisted in the consensus-building process and preparation of the document. Following several iterations of review by faculty, professional/clerical staff, administrators, and student representatives, a completed version of the mission statement was sent for review and approval to the Faculty Senate, the Professional Staff Organization, and the Student Senate. These organizations unanimously endorsed the statement in December 1993. Unanimous approval by the University’s Board of Trustees followed and in January 1994, the University’s new Functional Mission Statement was published, with wide distribution within the University and to the public at large, as The University of Choice: Accepting the Challenge — Fulfilling the Promise.

True to Cleveland State’s founding purpose as a comprehensive institution of higher education in an urban setting, this mission statement emphasizes with clarity and specificity the University’s commitment to offering instruction of the highest quality across a broad spectrum of fields befitting the varied interests and needs of the diverse student population of the Cleveland metropolitan area. In addition, the mission statement commits the University to active leadership and partnership across a broad array of intellectual, social, cultural, and technological activities that contribute to the quality of life and economic well-being of the metropolitan area. Thus, the mission statement is clear, overt, consistent, and entirely appropriate to Cleveland State’s established statutory purposes as an urban university and to its legitimate, expected role in the community.

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