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Draft Self-Study Chapter 6: 26 June 2000


The University maintains collaborative relationships with other institutions of higher education in the form of articulation agreements, joint degree programs, tuition reciprocity and the statewide transfer module for general education. In almost all cases, the collaborations are governed by written documents that have been negotiated, agreed upon, and signed by the parties involved. In some cases, Regents regulations apply. Whenever appropriate such collaborative agreements are reviewed and approved through the processes of faculty and University governance, i.e., the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees. Supervision of collaborative academic arrangements and partnerships with business and industry falls under the Office of the Provost, with day-to-day administrative responsibilities under the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs or the Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Partnerships.

All documents that contain legally binding responsibilities or obligations, including state pass through agreements, are reviewed by the University Legal Council before being forwarded for approval by the Board of Trustees.

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