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Draft Self-Study Chapter 6: 26 June 2000


In the areas of employment or educational opportunities or participation in any project, program or activity, Cleveland State University adheres to all regulations with respect to non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, handicap or disability, disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran status. On all its official publications and promotional materials the University declares itself to be an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity institution.

The Affirmative Action Office is charged with the responsibility for administering the University’s Affirmative Action Plan. That Plan underwent broad review in 1994, and was substantially revised effective January, 1995. The revisions were the result of a broad-based review process and substantial dialogue with and input from a wide variety of campus constituencies, representative bodies and advisory committees including the Black Faculty and Staff Organization; Chinese American, Hispanic, and Indian Subcontinent Faculty and Staff Associations; Minority Affairs and Community Relations; Faculty Senate; the President’s Advisory Council on Human Relations and Campus Unity; the Presidential Committee on the Role and Status of Women on Campus; and the Student Government Association. The Plan is updated annually, and the Affirmative Action Office issues reports at the end of each plan cycle (bi-annually). Since 1998, the Director of the Affirmative Action Office has reported directly to the President.

Copies of the Plan are available in the Library and from the Affirmative Action Office. Copies are furnished for the Vice-Presidents, Deans, Directors and other appropriate managerial personnel. A brochure for faculty, staff and students has been distributed campus-wide, and is given to all new employees at the time of hire.

The revision of the Plan and the subsequent upgrading of staff positions has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of the University’s efforts to achieve equal opportunity in employment and education for all. As indicated earlier, Cleveland State University has developed into a highly diverse institution with respect to the composition of its student body, and its faculty, staff and administration. The institution promotes diversity and monitors its efforts to achieve it. All position descriptions and vacancies are reviewed and approved by the Affirmative Action Office before being advertised. The Office provides orientation and training for administrators, faculty and staff on equal opportunity/affirmative action policies and procedures related to the hiring process. It also conducts regularly scheduled workshops on Sexual/Racial Harassment. The University sponsors such programs as Black Aspirations Week and Hispanic Awareness Week. The Board of Trustees receives an annual report on University contracts with minority businesses. For three decades the University has provided financial support for The Vindicator, a minority student publication. Minority Affairs and Community Affairs sponsors and conducts a variety of diversity events, including quick response meetings and discussions when a diversity issue arises on campus.

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