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Draft Self-Study Chapter 6: 26 June 2000


The rights and responsibilities of students are specified in the Student Handbook whose sections cover the student conduct code; policies, procedures and guidelines for student organizations; academic regulations; and the student grievance procedure. The Student Handbook is distributed to all students. Incoming freshmen receive their copy in an mandatory course for them entitled "Introduction to Student Life."

A variety of other publications are distributed to inform students of the various opportunities for participating in campus life, and any accompanying regulations or procedures. These include the Student Organization Directory, The Viking Guide, and the Viking Planner.

The University also provides to all students the services of an Ombudsperson from whom they may seek on a confidential basis counsel, information, procedural guidance, and assistance in preparing petitions to resolve issues of importance to them.

As was the case with recent revisions of the Student Conduct Code, proposed changes in Student Handbook policies are reviewed by the Faculty Senate’s Student Life Committee and forwarded to the Faculty Senate for approval. This procedure insures protection against arbitrariness, provides due process, and ties student policies to University governance.

Students have broad petition rights through the University Admissions and Standards Committee, and academic standards committees in the Colleges.

Log of Students Complaints

To comply with the policy of keeping a log of student complaints, the University maintains a log of complaints by students that have been written, signed and received by the President, the Provost, and the Vice President for Minority Affairs and Community Relations/Vice Provost for Student Affairs. The log indicates the date of receipt of the complaint, its nature, the steps taken to resolve it, the action taken or decision made, and any other actions that may have been taken.

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