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Draft Self-Study Chapter 6: 26 June 2000



The University’s personnel and student policies are explicated in clear and detailed fashion in published manuals, handbooks, and collective bargaining agreements. They assure fair treatment and due process in the resolution of grievances and disputes. The University’s commitments to diversity, equal opportunity and affirmative action have been strengthened institutionally by upgrading the staff and scope of operations of the Affirmative Action Office, expanding the activities of Minority Affairs and Community Relations, and enhancing minority opportunities in athletic participation and employment. Policies in the areas of publications, marketing, collaborations, and research are based on clear codes of ethical conduct that insure honesty in the University’s presentation of itself, its relationships with external constituencies, collaborators, and partners, and the scholarly inquiry of its faculty.


Completion of the installation of the student financial aid part of the PeopleSoft administrative system.

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