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Computational Services Committee

The CSC seeks to provide faculty an effective, easy opportunity to forward ideas and recommendations for any type of technology or service that you believe is needed for support of the academic mission.  You might flag a request for new equipment, software or services, a pet peeve about nonfunctional computer equipment or an annoying quirk in Blackboard.

No need to complete a long survey; just send a brief note to .

For CSC purposes, "academic mission" includes everything relevant to teaching, research, and advising students.

Faculty Senate's CSC works closely with CSU’s Chief Information Officer and the Center for Instructional Technology and Distance Learning to develop recommendations to submit to the University’s Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC).

ITAC, whose membership includes faculty, students and staff, reviews proposed major IT project proposals from across campus and makes recommendations to senior staff regarding priorities for funding.

Seize a brainstorm or report a pet peeve— but let us know what needs to improve in academic IT!


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