Women's Studies

Women's Studies at a Glance

Cleveland State University recognizes that changes in the economy and in society require more women to have higher education. Women today are recognizing higher education to be the critical difference between a job and a career, or flexibility for home and family. Cleveland State's Women's Studies Program is a university unit established to promote Women's Studies courses for all students. Women’s Studies focuses on academic courses.

Women are particularly encouraged to make career choices with care, since career sequences in our current economy require transferable skills, critical and analytical thinking, and the ability to synthesize information from more than one perspective. Women's Studies—the academic discipline recognizing gender roles as a fundamental part of the knowledge base administers the university's major and minor in Women's Studies, coordinates WST course offerings, and (4) assists with the development of new courses. Program faculty work with students so that they gain exposure to a wide range of disciplines and professions.

Note: most Women's Studies courses are applicable to, or augment, many major fields, and do fulfill some university General Education Requirements as indicated in course listings. Courses are open to all students. Descriptions are listed in the Course Description section of this catalog. Requirements for the major and minor in Women's Studies are listed under College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

The Women's Studies Program advances the university's mission by providing all students with an accurate, balanced view of the contemporary urban society in which they will serve. For further information, contact the Women's Studies Program, 216-687-4675, Rhodes Tower 1649.

A background in Women's Studies can provide an advantage in career opportunities and advancement, inasmuch as the U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau projects women to be 47% of the workforce by 2012 with more jobs requiring college education.