Theatre and Dance at CSU

Theatre Etiquette

There’s no experience like live theatre! Here are some general tips in order to help make everyone’s audience experience the best it can be!

  • Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the performance, as some shows do not offer late seating – we want to insure that everyone gets in on time to enjoy the show.
  • Silence your noise-makers. BEFORE entering the theatre, please silence all cell phones, pagers, wristwatch alarms, and other noise-making devices.
  • Please do not text or web-surf during the show, as this is a distraction to your fellow audience members AND to the actors on stage.
  • Please try to unwrap your candy prior to the beginning of the show – even small cellophane crinkling noises can break the mood of a dramatic scene.
  • Please keep talking and commentary to a minimum during the show.
  • We welcome little ones to age-appropriate theatre performances! However, if he or she gets fussy during a performance, it’s common courtesy to relocate excessively vocal children to the lobby until they are able to calmly rejoin the audience.
  • Please refrain from flash photography during the show, as it is a distraction to the actors.
  • Did you reserve tickets but aren’t able to make it to a show? PLEASE CALL to let us know, so that we can let other patrons enjoy those seats – it’s much appreciated by all parties! (PlayhouseSquare Ticket Office 216-241-6000)
  • For the comfort and safety of your fellow patrons, and out of courtesy for the performers, please don't exit the theatre until the performers have left the stage after their bow.

We look forward to sharing the joy of the performing arts with you!