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The Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance offers a major in Physical Education and Sport, with two main options. The first option, Multi-Age Teaching Licensure (between 120 and 135 hours), leads to an Ohio Teaching License in Physical Education (Grades Pre-K through 12). The second option, Allied Sport Professions (between 120 and 130 hours), is to prepare for a career as exercise/fitness specialist or sport manager. The department also offers a post-graduate licensure program in physical education and a multi-age licensure program in health education as a second teaching area. Program minors are available in Dance, Health Education, and Sport Management. Completion of an approved program minor is noted on the student's official transcript.

A. TECHNIQUE (must include both modern and ballet)

Choose 12 or more credits: (each course may be repeated twice for credit)

Classes Credits Sem Offered
DAN 240 Modern Dance III (must be taken a min. of 2 semesters) 2 Fall, Spring
DAN 340 Modern Dance IV 2 Fall, Spring
DAN 250 Ballet III (must be taken a min. of 2 semesters) 2 Fall, Spring
DAN 350 Ballet IV 2 Fall, Spring

Choose 2 Credits:

Classes Credits Sem Offered
PES 146 Jazz Dance 1 Fall
PES 154 African Dance 1 Fall, Spring
PES 147 Tap 1 Spring
PES 148 Tap II 2 Spring


Classes Credits Sem Offered
DAN 300 Modern Dance Company 3 Fall, Spring
DAN 100 Performance Practicum 1 Fall, Spring
DAN 496 Independent Study 1-4 Fall, Spring
DAN 410 Teaching Dance 2 Fall
DAN 301 Dance Composition 1 Spring

C. THEORY (CHOOSE a minimum of 5 CREDITS)

Classes Credits Sem Offered
DAN 201 Introduction to Dance 3 Fall
DAN 499 Seminar (minimum of 2 times) 1 Fall, Spring


3 credits - 3 Fall, Spring, Summer

Total: 28