Current Students

For Current and Prospective Students

Students or prospective students who would like to learn more about the College's undergraduate programs are invited to contact the faculty members listed below.

Program Directory

Department Contact Person Title and/or Major Focus Phone (216) Email Office #
Anthropology Dr. Maggie Jackson Interim Department Chair 687-2414 CB 119
Art Ms. Jennifer Visocky-O'Grady Department Chair 523-7546 MB 203 D
  Mr. Andres Peralta Advisor for Art Education 687-2095 MB 218 A
  Dr. Kathy Curnow Graduate Advisor 687-2105 MB 231
Communication   Film and Digital Media Major Director     MU 221
  Dr. Guowei Jian CMGT/COM Major Director 687-3995 MU 247
  Dr. Cheryl Bracken JPC Major Director 687-4512 MU 223
  Dr. Guowei Jian Communication Advisor 687-3995 MU 247
  Dr. Robert Whitbred Graduate Program Director 687-5083 MU 209
Economics Dr. Subhra Saha Undergraduate Program Director 687-4530 RT 1706
  Dr. Bill Kosteas Graduate Program Director 687-4526 RT 1707
English Dr. John Gerlach Interim Department Chair 687-3951 RT 1804
  Dr. Adam Sonstegard Director of Undergraduate Study 687-3956 RT 1805
  Dr. Jim Marino Director of Graduate Study 687-6874 RT 1846
  Mr. Michael Geither MFA Advisor 687-3955 RT 1840
  Mr. William Breeze Director, First Year Writing Program 523-7145 RT 1808
History Dr. Elizabeth Lehfeldt Department Chair 687-3920 RT 1320
  Dr. Jose Sola Director of Undergraduate Studies 523-7189 RT 1356
  Dr. Karen Sotiropoulos Director of Graduate Studies 687-3940 RT 1328
Modern Languages Dr. Tama Engelking Department Chair (French & German) 523-7175 RT 1620
  Dr. Abed Tayyara Arabic Advisor 687-5138 RT 1606
  Dr. Delia Galvan Spanish Advisor 687-4857 RT1621
  Dr. Heba El-Attar Spanish Advisor 523-7174 RT 1625
  Dr. Stephen Gingerich Graduate Program Director (Spanish) 687-4677 RT 1628
Music Dr. Birch Browning Department Chair 687-3768 MU 333
  Ms. Kate Bill Music Enrollment Administrator/Recruiter 687-5039 m.c.bill@csuohio,edu MU 330
  Dr. Victor Liva Director of Graduate Studies 687-6931 MU 429
Philosophy & Comparative Religion Dr. Mary Ellen Waithe Department Chair 687-9262 RT 1348
  Dr. Sonya Charles Undergraduate Advisor (Philosophy) 687-7144 RT 1333
  Dr. Stephen Taysom Undergraduate Advisor (Comparative Religion) 687-2189 RT 1338
  Dr. Diane Steinberg Graduate Advisor 687-3945 RT 1335
Political Science Dr. David Elkins Interim Department Chair (PSC/IR/MAGI/Internships) 687-4542 RT 1751
  Dr. Neda Zawahri Graduate Program Director 687-4544 RT 1757
Social Work Dr. Stephen Slane Interim School Director 523-7477 CB 309
  Dr. Christopher Mallett BSW Program Director 523-7514 CB 324
  Dr. Maggie Jackson MSW Program Director 687-4599 CB 201
Sociology and Criminology Dr. Philip Manning Department Chair 687-4504 RT 1720
  Dr. Stephanie Kent Undergraduate Program Director 687-5387 RT 1727
  Dr. Rong-Jun Sun Graduate Program Director 687-4501 RT 1735
Theatre and Dance Dr. Michael Mauldin Department Chair 687-2202 MB 203 F
  Ms. Lynn Deering Dance Program Director 687-4883 MB 264
Preparatory Programs
Pre-law Dr. Charles Hersch Pre-Law Faculty Advisor 687-4580 RT 1740
Interdisciplinary Programs
Black Studies Dr. Michael Williams Director, Black Studies Program Director 523-7211 MC 137
Liberal Studies Dr. Laura Wertheimer Director, Liberal Studies 687-3930 RT 1329
Women's Studies Dr. Mary Ellen Waithe Director, Women's Studies Program 687-9262 RT 1348
Classical and Medieval Studies Dr. Laura Wertheimer Director, Classical and Medieveal Studies 687-3930 RT 1329
Asian Studies Dr. Qingshan Tan Director, Asian Studies 687-9282 RT 1749
Linguistics Dr. Antonio Medina-Rivera Director, Linguistics Program 687-7168 RT 1327


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