Music Department

Entrance & Scholarship Auditions

Scheduling Your Audition

Once you have applied for admission to Cleveland State University, Howard Meeker will assist you in scheduling your audition for admission to the Department of Music as well as the undergraduate Music Talent Scholarship. Department of Music audition days are scheduled throughout the year while individual auditions may be arranged at any time through the department's Enrollment Adminstrator. If you would like to be considered for a Music Talent Scholarship or a Graduate Assistantship you should audition no later than March 15th, prior to your anticipated enrollment at Cleveland State.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to audition on campus. Audio and videotaped auditions may only be accepted from international students and in cases in which travel to Cleveland presents an extreme hardship.

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

All prospective undergraduate music majors must pass a Department of Music entrance audition in which they display their technical and artistic proficiency on their principal instrument.

Those who wish to pursue the undergraduate concentration in music composition are required to demonstrate proficiency on their primary instrument as well. To learn more about the track in music composition, contact Andrew Rindfleisch.

Download Undergraduate Audition Requirements
Undergraduate Music Admission and Talent Scholarship Application

Graduate Audition Requirements

An audition is required prior to admission for all students intending to earn the Master of Music in performance. In the audition, which should be fifteen minutes or longer, the student must demonstrate performance proficiency with some stylistic breadth. An audio tape or videotape may be provided in lieu of an in person graduate-level audition, with prior approval of the head of the appropriate performance area.

Students seeking the Master of Music degree in composition are required to submit a portfolio of representative works. This portfolio will be reviewed by the composition faculty who will recommend on its merits and on the potential of the applicant to complete graduate work. Submit your portfolio directly to the head of the Composition area.

Download Graduate Audition Evaluation Form

Music Theory and Musicianship Placement

All in-coming freshmen and undergraduate transfer students who have not received college credit for music theory and musicianship courses are required to take the music theory and musicianship placement exam in order to be admitted into the Department of Music.

Admission and Scholarship Decisions

Audition results are reviewed and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. Awards for music talent scholarships and graduate assistantships stipends and tuition waivers are determined in March prior to enrollment at Cleveland State. Applicants are informed of the results by April 1st.