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The rapid advancement of technology is shrinking our world. World events, as they occur, have become an integral part of people's everyday lives. At the same time many individuals are experiencing increased complexity in their daily lives in the form of more information, more consumer products, more social problems, and more demands for maintaining a healthy, productive lifestyle. Those who enter the workforce must be prepared to manage complexity and change.

Careers in health care are growing. Admissions to academic programs in the health sciences have become increasingly competitive. Students pursuing admission to these programs are often interested in providing themselves with an advantage for both gaining admission and receiving the greatest benefit from their chosen curriculum.

A bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies provides an excellent foundation for entering a professional program in any of the health sciences. Such a background helps students to think critically, analyze problems and pose feasible solutions, write and speak effectively, understand the individual in the context of the social group, recognize the role of culture in the individual's life, and appreciate the arts. Liberal Studies prepares students to think more broadly and creatively. A concentration in the health sciences allows students to begin to focus early on the issues facing their chosen careers and the clients they will serve. These issues are often highly complex, requiring novel approaches and judgment.

The proposed concentration is intended for students with a general interest in the health sciences as preparation for a health-related career. It also provides the prerequisite education for pursuing a graduate degree in several health fields.