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Foreign Culture Courses

Note: This site is maintained by the Liberal Studies Program for the benefit of its advising services. The list is not definitive.  Users must independently confirm that a listed course is in fact a Foreign Culture Course by double checking the CSU Undergraduate Catalog.
As a further aid, courses are also marked according to GenED requirements that they meet. Again, users need to independently confirm by double checking the CSU GenEd site.
NCC indicates a Nonwestern Culture and Civilization Course
WCC indicates a Western Culture and Civilization Course
WAC indicates a Writing Across the Curriculum Course
Based on the 6/16/05 list of Foreign Culture Courses
ANT 227 Power. Authority, and Society in Nonwestern Cultures (NCC)
ANT 275 Mayan Languages and Culture (NCC)
ANT 351 Native North Americans (NCC)
ANT 352 Native South Americans (NCC)
ANT 353 Cultures of Africa (NCC/WAC)
ANT 354 Cultures of Oceania (NCC)
ANT 355 Cultures of Southeast Asia (NCC)
ANT 356 Ethiopia (NCC)
ANT 358 Caribbean Societies (NCC)
ANT 393 Area Studies in Archaeology only when titled Ancient Mesoamerica & the Maya
ANT 394 Area Studies in Anthropology
ART 252 Introduction to Early Western Art (WCC)
ART 253 Introduction to Western Art Since 1400 (WCC)
ART 281 Introduction to Far Eastern Art (NCC)
ART 286 Introduction to African Art (NCC)
ART 356 Gothic Art (WCC/WAC)
ART 363 The Early Renaissance in Italy (WCC)
ART 364 The High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy (WCC)
ART 365 The Renaissance (WCC)
ART 371 Art in the 19th Century (WCC/WAC)
ART 372 Art in the 20th Century (WCC/WAC)
ART 383 Indian Art (NCC/WAC)
ART 384 Buddhist Sculpture (NCC)
ART 385 The Hindu Temple (NCC/WAC)
ART 356 Regional Art in Africa (NCC/WAC)
ENF Any ENF course
FRN 201 Intermediate French; Grammar & Culture
FRN 240 Field Study (WCC/WAC)
GER 201 Intermediate German: Grammar & Culture
GER 240 Field Study (WAC)
HIS 165 Introduction to Latin Amer. History (NCC)
HIS 175 Introduction to African History (NCC)
HIS 330 History Of Greece (WCC)
HIS 331 History of Rome (WCC)
HIS 340 Fall of the Roman Empire (WCC/WAC)
HIS 341 Early Middle Ages (WCC/WAC)
HIS 342 Late Middle Ages (WCC/WAC)
HIS 343 Social History of the Black Death (WCC/WAC)
HIS 344 The Renaissance (WCC/WAC)
HIS 345 Church, State and Society in Reformation Europe (WCC/WAC)
HIS 346 17th and 18th Century Europe (WCC/WAC)
HIS 349 France and the French Revolution (WCC/WAC)
HIS 350 Golden Age of Spain (WCC/WAC)
HIS 351 Social & Economic History of 19th Century Europe (WCC/WAC)
HIS 352 Political History of 19th Century Europe (WCC)
HIS 353 20th Century Europe 1914 to the Present (WCC/WAC)
HIS 360 History of Russia to 1900 (WCC)
HIS 361 History of Modern Russia (WCC)
HIS 362 Modern Eastern Europe (WCC)
HIS 356 Comparative Slavery (WAC)
HIS 366 Colonial Latin America (NCC/WAC)
HIS 367 Latin America since 1825 (NCC/WAC)
HIS 371 History of Japan (NCC)
HIS 372 Early Modern Japan (NCC)
HIS 373 Contemporary Japan in Historical Perspective (NCC)
HIS 374 Revolutionary Movement in Modern China (NCC)
HIS 375 Pre-Colonial Africa to 1800 (NCC)
HIS 376 Modem Africa since 1800 (NCC)
HIS 377 History of Islamic Civilizations (NCC)
MLA 115 Comparative Western Cultures (WCC)
MLA 116 Comparative Nonwestern Cultures (NCC)
MUS 411 Music History I
PSC 227 Power, Authority, & Society in Nonwestern Cultures (NCC)
PSC 323 African Politics (NCC/WAC)
PSC 324 Russia and the Successor States (WCC/WAC)
PSC 325 Western European Politics (WCC/WAC)
PSC 326 Politics of the Third World (NCC/WAC)
PSC 332 Politics of the Middle East (NCC)
PSC 333 Latin American Politics (NCC/WAC)
PSC 335 East Asian Politics (NCC/WAC)
PSC 338 Central and Eastern Europe (WAC)
REL 268 Religion and Culture in Africa (NCC)
SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology of the Third World (NCC)
SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish; Grammar & Culture
SPN 240 Field Study (NCC)

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