Euclid Corridor Oral History Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the interviews "air" — either on WCPN, WVIZ, or the Euclid Corridor?
A: We are not yet sure is the most direct answer. We are in the initial stages of research and history collection. We hope to use many of the interviews over the course of the project, but we cannot guarantee that material from every interview will be used by our team of partner institutions. As our project shifts from research and history collection to production, we will have a better idea of when materials will become more public. However, we expect the Euclid Corridor to be up and running in 2009, so that is a good guess.

Q: What will the interview sound like when "aired"?
A: Although it is too early in the process to say exactly how interviews will be used, we know from experience that they will look and sound like public radio or public television broadcasts. In fact, our project team has experience working together in the past, when we created radio broadcasts as part of WCPN's Accents Programming. Check out the Accents archive, and click on any of the sound portraits titled "Cultural Gardens."

Q: How will I be kept abreast of the project's progress?
A: This website will periodically provide updates about the process of data collection. Even more information about the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project is available on the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority website. Also, we will do periodic mailings of postcards that will keep folks updated about the project.

Q: How do I obtain a CD-ROM of my interview or a copy of the typed transcript?
A: If you request either a CD-ROM digital recording of the interview (which can be listened to using software that plays .wav files) or a typed transcript, your interviewer will arrange for the CD-ROM or transcript to be mailed to you as soon as possible after the interview. If you would like an additional copy or never received a copy, please contact Dr. Mark Tebeau or Dr. Mark Souther in the Department of History at Cleveland State University: (216) 687-3920. In fact, feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

Q: Who will be conducting the interviews?
A: At CSU our greatest asset is our students. We spend a significant portion of class time discussing and training students in the techniques of taking an oral history: asking questions, using recording equipment, listening, and professional ethical standards. Of course, Professors Mark Tebeau and Mark Souther--as well as other project faculty--closely supervise the students' work to ensure the highest standards of professionalism.


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