English Department

Handbook for Graduate Students in English


Transfer credit

Students may receive up to nine credits for graduate courses taken at other institutions, if these courses are appropriate to the CSU Master's program. To apply for Transfer Credit, the student must prepare a Transfer Credit form (available from the Registrar's Office), together with a letter explaining the relevance of the course(s) to the program, and a copy of a transcript showing the credits and grades earned. These should go to the Director of Graduate Studies; if approved in the department, transfer credit will not be officially posted to a student's record until 12 credits of graduate course work at CSU have been earned. Transfer credit is not normally granted for courses taken more than six years previously. (See Graduate Catalog 2008, Academic Regulations: Transfer Credit.)

Courses in other departments at CSU

A student may take up to 8 credits of graduate-level work in other CSU departments in lieu of English department electives. External course-work must be approved in advance by petition to the Graduate Committee.

Courses at Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland State and Case Western Reserve University have a cooperative arrangement to enable our students to take each other's courses on a limited basis. Students taking a course at Case are registered at CSU for independent study, pay CSU fees, and are given a grade by the Case instructor. Case is on the semester system; fall courses begin in late August. A catalog of courses offered can be found in the CSU library on the fourth floor periodical counter. Details are available from the Case English department. Consult with the Director of Graduate Studies for further information.